Research Diets, Inc.
Research Diets, Inc.

Research Diets, Inc,始于1984年,专注于饮食诱导疾病模型研究(Diet induced disease models),生产或定制动物饲料。

例如,在糖尿病和肥胖症研究中的高脂饮食饲料(High fat diet)。

It all started in 1984 in Ed Ulman’s kitchen where he made his first diet for lab animal research. Ed had spent many years in the research community and saw a need for a reliable source for custom purified diets. With his contacts in the industry and first-hand knowledge of lab animal research, he has built Research Diets into a flourishing business.
Today the company has over 50 employees and has assembled a Resource Center staffed with nutritionists and food scientists providing expert consultation services to researchers worldwide. Research Diets specializes in manufacturing custom purified diets for diet-induced disease models. One such model is in the study of obesity and diabetes where the company developed the “Original” high-fat diet for lab animal research. Over the years more than 20,000 custom formulations have been created for various areas of study.


Animal Model


种属 研究领域
大鼠 肥胖症,糖尿病,高血压,癌症,骨质疏松症
小鼠 肥胖症,糖尿病,高血压,非酒精性脂肪肝,脂质代谢,癌症,动脉粥样硬化,骨质疏松症